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The predecessor was Zhejiang Province posts and telecommunications equipment factory ,founded in August 1958, on the basis of material supply repair station ,post and telecommunications adminastrtion, Zhejiang Province .
Jun 1994,Eastern Communication Start-up was founded
May 1996,Eastcom Co.Ltd was founded and issued 100 million shares of the B shares in Jul 11th.
Jul 28 1996,the inauguration of the Eastcom Co.Ltd .
Aug 1 1996,Eastcom Co.Ltd was officially established.
Aug 28 1996,the inauguration of the Eastcom Co.Ltd ,Eastcom building and the opening of GSM8200E cellphone production line was ceremonious celebrated .
The introduction of the ATM technology
Oct10 1996,Eastcom Co.Ltd and Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG signed ATM technology transition contract in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing。It filled the blank of China's financial electronic equipment industry.
stock issuing
Nov 26,1996,Eastcom Co.Ltd was listed in Shanghai with 40million shares of A shares.
The introduction of GSM technology
Dec 5 1996,Eastcom、Motorola and Zhejiang technical import and export Corporation had a signing ceremony for the trading license of GSM digital cellphone system.
The foundation ceremony of Eastcom City
Dec 18 1996,after the signing ceremony of land transfer agreement,the foundation ceremony of Eastcom City was held in Zhijiang Science and technology park.
The operation of the ATM producting line
May 15 1997,a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the site of ATM production line,it symbolized the ATM production line introduced from Siments was formly into operation.
Stock for employees was listed
May 26 1997,9.5million shares of stock for the employees in Eastcom were listed in Shanghai Stock Exchanges.
License contract for GC87C Production technology
Jun 1997,Eastcom and Motorola signed the license contract for GC87C Production technology.
Import and export right
Jun 16 1997,Eastcom Co.Ltd was authorized for import and export.
Achieve a new leap
Aug 27 1997,the operation ceremony for the production line of"GSM digital mobile communication base station"was held in Hangzhou.It was a leap-forwad for the producting ability and technical capacity.
Introduction of CD928
Oct 28 1998,Eastcom and Motorola signed a transfer contract for the technology license of CD928 cellphone production .
Milestone in the communications industry
Nov 16 1998,EC528,a self-developed cellphone,has passed the comprehensive certification .This is the first cellphone with china's own intellectual property rights,it was a qualitative Leap for Eastcom,but also a milestone in the communications industry.
First mobile phone production line
Nov 21 1999,Eastcom's first cellphone production line was settled in Eastcom City.
Capital Increase and Share Expansion
Sep 1 2000,with share expansion for 58 million shares in A shares,Eastcom has sucessfully raised 1.46 billion yuan.
Opening ceremony for post-doctoral
Jun 5 2001,The opening ceremony for Eastcom's post-doctoral was held in National Research Institute.
The introduction of CDMA technology
Aug 15 2001,Eastcom and American Qualcomm had signed a technology license contract on equipment manufacturing and sale of CDMA system.
Member in Chinese digital trunking Industry Alliance
In 2004, Eastern communications successfully joined digital trunking Industry Alliance of China, leading the industry direction.
ATM prototype with self-reserch and development
In 2005, successfully producted the first ATM prototype with our own intellectual property rights
Mass-production for Potevio 8100
2006,Eastcom realized the mass-production for Potevio 8100,Domestic sales for ATM exceeded 10,000 units.
Win the bid for Subway Line1 in Hangzhou
In 2008,Won bid for network communications in Line 1 ,hangzhou Subway.
Mass-production for Potevio 8000
In 2008,Eastcom realized the mass-production for Potevio 8000 and established the foreign department to broaden international market。
Initiating the R&D; of TETRA digital trunking systems
In 2009,Initiating the R&D; of TETRA digital trunking systems .
Mass-production for Potevio 8500
In 2009,Eastcom realized the mass-production for Potevio 8500;Apr 2009,First overseas ATM prototype went off the production line,and in Jun 2009,Eastcom announced its first foray into Iran.
Certification of 350MHz TETRA System
Apr 2010,Acquired the Certification of 350MHz TETRA System by the ministry of industry and informatization of the people's Republic of China.
Executive member of the council of PDT Forum
Apr 2010,Eastcom became a executive member of the council of PDT Forum.
The launch of TETRA network for Hangzhou Police Office
Jul 2010,Successfully launched TETRA network for the Hangzhou Police Office.
R&D; for a new generation ATM
In 2010,Eastcom has started research and development of next - generation ATM with unique Eastcom style and made successful finalists in Cuba, Iran, Bangladesh, Australia and other countries.
Certification of 800MHz TETRA System
Jan 2011,Acquired the Certification of 800MHz TETRA System by the ministry of industry and informatization of the people's Republic of China.And in Mar Acquired the Certification for base-station by ICASA in South Africa.Meanwhile,Eastcom provided secure and outstanding communication service for the conventions of The APEC Telecommunications working group .
Completion of the PDT System&Operation; for the PDT Testing network
Jan 2011,Complete the R&D; work for PDT system and terminal.On Mar,lauched the PDT testing network.
member of TETRA Association and DMR Association
Apr 2011,Eastcom became the member of TETRA Association and DMR Association
First prototype of new-generation ATM appeared
Mar 2011,Eastcom sucessfully launched the prototype of new-generation ATM